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Environmental Chemistry (BSC306)



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What will studying Environmental Chemistry do for you?

Give you a sound grounding in the complex interactions of chemicals in all aspects of life
Help you to differentiate between the different types of chemicals and their potential hazards and demystify chemical jargon
Provide you with guidelines how to better understand, measure and manage chemicals you may use in your workplace
Introduce you to more sustainable practices 





There are 8 lessons in this course:

Introduction to environmental chemistry and basic chemical

Organic, inorganic and biological contaminants in the environment

Air pollution and treatment

Water pollution and treatment

Soil pollution and treatment

Environmental chemistry and human health

Environmental chemistry field sampling and testing

Sustainability and green chemistry
What you will cover in each lesson

Lesson 1
Environmental chemistry through time
Global warming, greenhouse gases and carbon sequestering
Basic chemistry concepts
Charges on Atoms and Bonds
Organic and Inorganic Compounds and Biochemistry
Used in Environmental Chemistry

Lesson 2
Ecological concepts in the environment
Pollutants in the environment
Degradation of pollutants
Pricing measures implemented by government policy makers
Types of pollutants
Contaminants in the world's natural environments (biomes)

Lesson 3
Composition of the atmosphere
Vertical structure of the atmosphere
Purpose of the atmosphere
Air pollution and its source
Effects of air pollution
Climate change
Reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions

Lesson 4
Hydrological Cycles
Marine (Ocean) Environments
Coastal Environments
Continental and Inland Water Environments
Water chemistry – important reactions
Water categories and classifications
Water and impurities and pollutants
Water quality standards
Water pollution management
Methods of water treatment

Lesson 5
The nature of soil
Soil properties
Important soil chemical reactions
Soil chemistry and its importance in management
Soil pollution
Methods of soil remediation

Lesson 6
Environmental health as policy
Specific health risks
Environmental health levels
Indoor and Outdoor air pollution
Water pollutants and health
Chemicals in households
Biological controls, pitfalls and positives
Creating green areas and raising public awareness

Lesson 7
Introduction to sampling and testing
Sampling design
Sampling equipment
Gas/air, soil and water sampling
Agricultural produce/plant tissue sampling
Using the correct sample container
Chain of custody
Chemical analysis in the field
Simple colorimetric tests and simple meters
Chemical analysis in the laboratory

Lesson 8
Environmental assessment and management
Principles of sustainable environmental management
Green chemistry in environmental management
Green chemistry is the future of environmental protection
Environmental building practices
Treating contamination or pollution sustainably
Urban planning concerns and considerations
Sustainable transport
Barriers to sustainability and green design

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Environmental Chemistry (BSC306) Environmental Chemistry (BSC306)
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